• Safety deep in the ground

    • Mines continue to be the most important source of raw materials all around the world. Even if many ore, metal and coal mines have been closed down in Germany, German salt mines are still held in high regard across the globe. Although these mines use the highest safety standards, some of the underground sections still need to be refilled – as a preventative measure to ensure both the local inhabitants and the environment remain safe. AUREC's backfill material gives these hollow disused mine sections additional long-term stability. This means greater levels of safety – both in the mine itself and on the surface.

    • AUREC is a subsidiary of REMEX GmbH – a leading international business providing mineral and construction waste recycling services

    • Systematic recycling, long-term stability

      The material that we produce for professional backfilling operations reflects both our know-how and our years of experience of this business. We have been processing waste into backfill since 1992.

    • Making the most of what's left over

      We use mineral waste generated by industrial and commercial businesses (such as construction waste and excavated material) as well as incineration residue (slag and ash), sludge and sand to produce our backfill. These source materials are processed using approved, tried and tested formulae so that they can be placed below ground in the mines.

    • A strict set of rules

      The whole production process is subject to stringent safety standards. The different types of backfill, for example, must undergo a complex monitoring and approval process. Moreover, the material that is to be used in mines must meet a variety of specifications to ensure that it puts neither humans nor the environment at risk.

    We also specialise in handling large volumes of material – above ground as well as with our partners below ground

  • Information for potential applicants: Current job offers at AUREC can be found at: reks.de/en/career

  • Reliable waste management services

    • Naturally sourced minerals are often the material of choice for stabilising disused mines. AUREC has chosen to take a different, innovative path. We take materials that had originally been used for something quite different and then process them so that they can be reused. This helps conserve our planet's natural resources, promotes the creation of a circular economy as set out in law and provides industrial and commercial businesses with a reliable service – offering them a place where they can hand over many of their waste materials.

    • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 6am - 8pm

    > Our company: a few facts & figures
    Plants & facilities:2 processing plants
    Interim storage facilities:21,000 t
    Silo facilities:620m³
    Backfill production plant:70 t/h
  • Using waste to backfill mines is a form of recycling – helping to promote sustainability in line with the German Circular Economy Law

Quality – an essential part of our business concept

  • Companies that wish to deliver reliable services must leave nothing to chance. And this is most certainly true for AUREC as well. We work to exemplary quality standards to guarantee first-class services and products. AUREC has, for example, had a 'Efb' Certificate [accreditation as a specialised waste management company] in line with Section 56 of the German Circular Economy Law [KrWG] since 1998. What's more, we have set up a comprehensive quality and environmental management system that covers all the main stages of our work. Besides carrying out our own in-house checks, our operations and products are also monitored and assessed by external independent quality control experts.

  • We know exactly how to handle large volumes of material – above ground as well as with our partners below ground

  • A number of strict laws regulate the way residual materials may be stored in disused mine sections in Germany. These include the German backfilling ordinance as well as German waste legislation and mining legislation

  • Backfilling – managing waste safely

    • Offering a full range of services, AUREC can provide you with all the support you need. This means that you benefit right from the start – from us giving you competent, expert advice to let you know about all the different backfilling opportunities available and offering you bespoke solutions that have been adapted to meet your precise requirements. We also carry out all the individual operational tasks for you: from the initial analysis, to the transport, all the way through to placing the material below ground. This also includes all the obligatory tests and checks and helping you get the permits you need. Thanks to our reliable operations, your residual materials can be stored below ground quickly and in line with all rules and regulations. The following gives a quick summary of the benefits of working with AUREC:

    • Final stop: the local landfill? Not necessarily. Many different types of waste can be recycled into backfill material and put to good use. Including hazardous waste

    • There whenever you need us

      We provide you with needs-based solutions and bespoke advice.

    • Top quality

      We guarantee that your material will be recycled using environmentally friendly processes and transported and stored safely; we deal with all the documentation needed.

    • Ideal services

      We deliver customised services to meet your exact wishes. Punctually and reliably. And in the precise quality needed.

  • A wide range of materials accepted

    Many different types of industrial waste can be used for backfilling. The following lists just some of the categories that have the right physical properties (with or without having to be processed beforehand) making them suitable as a source material for backfill:

      • Sewage sludge and drilling muds
      • Industrial production residue
      • Contaminated soil from remediation work
      • Fly ash from thermal waste treatment and flue gas cleaning plants
      • Fly ash from coal-fired power stations
      • Brown coal ash
      • Gypsum from flue gas desulphurisation systems
      • Moulding and core sand from foundries
      • Old blasting media
      • Shredded material
    • AUREC uses the disused sections of the Bernburg salt mine. This mine has been issued with a long-term safety certificate which means that it fulfils all the legal regulations stipulating how residual materials may be stored

  • Have you got a question about our services or recycling solutions? Then simply send us an email or give us a call: +49 3471 34880

  • Backfill material – long-term stability for hollow spaces

    AUREC's backfill material meets a whole range of different structural requirements and plays a very important role in disused mine sections: it fills the empty space, increases the structural stability of the mine and prevents rock movement. This means that it is an effective way to stop subsidence. All in all, our products offer a reliable solution for ensuring geo-mechanical systems can be stabilised over a long period of time.

    A number of strict laws regulate the way residual materials may be stored in disused mine sections in Germany. AUREC's backfill material fulfils them all

Top quality processes across the board

  • Our backfill is produced above ground. The properties of the mineral source materials are first carefully analysed to ensure the best quality backfill is produced. Once this has been completed, AUREC then deploys a multi-stage process to transform the source material into backfill. The main steps include crushing, classifying and conditioning the materials. We use a variety of formulae to produce our backfill so that the final product meets the exact quality requirements for its intended use. Strict quality control measures are deployed to ensure our products meet both the quality criteria as well as all rules and regulations.

  • We would be glad to provide you with more information about our backfilling operations. Simply use our contact form

  • State-of-the-art equipment for a variety of materials

    • Both high performance facilities are needed to produce backfill as well as efficient logistics systems designed to meet the various requirements. We accept bulk and silo material as well as materials packed in big bags. Our intermediate storage facilities can hold up to 21,000 tonnes. The source materials then undergo a number of treatment stages during which they are crushed, classified and conditioned.

    • Our high performance plant technology can process large volumes of material in no time at all

    By carefully processing the source materials, we are able to produce backfill that provides exceptional levels of stability

  • A whole range of advantages

    • Recycling mineral waste so it can be reused in mines creates advantages for all those involved. Companies and mines that work with AUREC are provided with cost-effective solutions that meet all statutory regulations and offer considerable environmental benefits as well.

    • Backfilling disused mine sections with residual materials is a win-win concept

    • Sustainability in practice

      We ensure that residual materials are permanently sealed off from the biosphere by recycling them into backfill – a sustainable way to prevent hazardous materials from polluting ecosystems. Producing backfill is, therefore, a much safer option than sending such materials to landfill. And considerably cuts costs, too.

    • Optimum mine safety

      Our products provide long-term stability above and below ground. The special properties of our backfill material offer the best possible protection against subsidence.

  • Have you got a question? We've got the answer

    This download section contains the most important information about our services and certificates. Feel free to give us a ring if you have a question: +49 3471 34880.

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    • Packaging requirements: big bags





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